Boudoir Photo

Discover hidden parts of yourself and feel empowered by connection to your feminine & masculine energies.

Boudoir photography is all about YOU

Shining with self-love and confidence, We add a little extra to it — Shibari

Why choose a shibari Boudoir photoshoot?

Feel like a goddess in rope. Surrender empowers… Ropes help a person to surrender and let go of everyday problems, and when bound you are the powerful side, everything is done for your enjoyment

Here is the place where your masculine energy allows the feminine to take over.

• Try a new sensation and capture true emotions in the pictures.

• Point out the best of your body. There are a million ways to tie all body types to emphasize what you like the most about yourself. You will be very surprised how simple rope can compliment your body.

• Feel empowered by your femininity, beauty and confidence. Allow yourself to let go of any restrictions and be anything you want.

• In a shibari photo session, you are more relaxed emotionally as we are already interacting from the beginning, which helps to avoid feeling weird at any point.

Not sure if you are ready to do something that thrilling is for yourself?

Maybe it's time to put away those insecurities, we will help!

No worries if you have never done a photoshoot before. Poses, wardrobe, ideas… WE GOT IT! We will send you a guide to preparation, set up a call to discuss your wishes and send you a board of ideas afterwards. We have knowledge, experience and great excitement to help you shine!

How does the session go?


Chill & chat

30 min coffee/tea and chat, so you relax from the road we get to know each other in real life. We will also discuss the photoshoot flow and make sure we are playing your favourite music on our speakers.


Depending on the option you choose, tying can take from 15 to 40min. Even if this is not a full shibari session, the process is sensual and always takes time.



I will give you very easy to follow pose directions, and of course I appreciate it if you feel the pose and get creative.
Untying process. After the photoshoot I need to untie you. This process is pretty unique and will help you relax again and reconnect with your body.

Get excited

We show you 3 best pictures before you leave, and the edits of 8-15 pictures will be sent to you afterwards in 2 formats - for social media, for web. You can additionally ask us for a print version.


Where and when do we shoot?


Shoots can be done in our home studio, in a photo studio if there is a suitable one in the city we are in, or we can bring our equipment to your place if you prefer that. Can be done at any time of the day.

Usually we move around the world every month or two, but we always bring our lights along and make sure our place is great for photos.


Boudoir doesn’t have to be done in a bedroom or a studio, not at all. We love working with nature, it adds a lot to the storyline. There can be different ideas, but let me give you some that we have already tried: beach, pool, forest, desert.

For these a little more preparation is needed, as we need to check out the place before the shoot and plan the shots properly regarding the sun. The best time for natural boudoir is sunset or sunrise!