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The best way to learn

Mixed Shibari Classes are suitable for any level. We have 2 instructors who adapt to your level. You follow easy explanations, learn playful and decorative knots and learn ways to connect with yourself and your partner. In class you will receive a flyer with Shibari ties you need to know to move though levels of knowledge.
Suspension A Class is for those who attended at least 3 mixed classes or learnt the basics by themselves. On this class we learn the safety for suspension, technical part of uplines and lock offs, practice self-suspension and flying objects.
Suspension B Class is for more experienced riggers, who already can move into flying people.

Eventually you will progress and learn how Shibari can stop the time for you and give you those precious moments to experience yourself. Bound in ropes and taken care of you finally have an opportunity to let go and have only one responsibility - to feel. Rope awakens your body and at the same time helps clear your thoughts, as you concentrate on sensations. While your body is surrendering, your mind and soul are being in the moment, catching every little detail.

Up-coming events

You can see all the classes on the Calendar.

These are the events we have soon (for more info/reservation send a message on IG Voudou.ropes) :

• October 2023. 13-17 and 20-24. 5 day Shibari Retreat in Riviera Maya Jungle. information here.

If you want to join the events or schedule a private class or a photo session please contact directly to .

Important details

If you come to the class please be respectful to everyone in the group.
Mixed classes are 16 people max.
Suspension classes 6 people max.

Please wear comfortable clothes.
Do not drink alcohol before the class!

At every class we do out best to switch, so you get to tie and to be tied. If you only want to tie, please bring your model.

If you don't want to be on the photos from the class let us know before the class.

We provide ropes to use in class and have jute rope for sale.

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