Shibari Meditation

New way to connect with your body and soul

What is shibari meditation?

Simple ties, breath work, concentration on your sensations

It is the process of conscious self-tying, where we use simple knots that let the practitioner be free from the hustle and bustle of both- the outside world and inside thoughts, by focusing on the gradual movements of rope and scanning the body, becoming more aware of every inch of it.

Rope meditation always starts with greeting the rope, deepening the breath and setting an intention for each practice. Then we do slow tying that is connected to the breath, stop to explore the sensations, and gradually untie the knot paying great attention to keeping the tension. End meditation with the warm feeling of love and warmth we gave ourselves.

Why try rope meditation?

Ropes let you really clear your thoughts. With ropes, you concentrate on how your body feels and through the sensations of embracing those restrictions you give your mind an opportunity to relax and let go of unwanted tension.

Having rope and concentrating on it has its benefits:

• it eases the process of concentrating and staying in the moment

• it brings a great number of emotions and discoveries about your body and mind

• helps you concentrate on your body and feel every inch of it

• by bounding your body and letting it relax, you give room for your thoughts, and become an observer

What’s the story behind it?

I have been practicing it by myself for over a year, and in June 2020 I got to share this experience with others.

I have been trying to find ways to connect with myself deeper for a while, and I got into meditation. I tried different types of it and I felt that some types of meditation work and others don’t work for different people. I decided to combine rope and some of the meditation practices. It is very hard to concentrate and not to think about anything. I noticed that I am completely relaxed when I am tying. Ropes help me to let go of everything and concentrate on here and now. So, why not combine them with intentional breathing?

Like the seasons and the atmosphere change, my meditations also change. At this point of time I am doing meditations that are connected to my surroundings, which are mostly sand and ocean, tribal vibes. I use blue and natural jute ropes, specific music and incense during my meditations.

I do online meditations with my group, who follow it on Patreon, but now
I want to share the whole experience with you.