Connection play

September 5, 2022

One day, when I was just starting doing shibari, I saw Aimer's music video on her Musubi song.. here it is. and it remained in my memory so much, as a video, showing the beauty and evolution of the connections, that years later I still wanted to use this idea and make a shoot.

It happened last week, when I found my sketch book with the drawings of the possible shots for it...and thought ... why not finally do it? Called 2 friends, that have a very interesting meeting story, and went to the beach at 6am to create.

Rope is a great tool to show a very literal connection between people. How sometimes they have their own stories, but then they mix up. How people get closer connection and how sometimes it just goes away, but one is still trying to keep it there. How connection and trust develop and bring people together.

I hope you like seeing those images and that they provoke emotions in you!


I feel that it’s time to share my approach to shibari with you!I have been discovering shibari for myself for 6 years, constantly learning and developing my own style.

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