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July 31, 2022

In this post you can find all the press about Voudou Ropes shibari artist, and see the previous big workshops. 

Public Workshops and Exhibitions  

2019, March 31 Shibari Workshop Gallery Garage Studios, Moscow, Russia  


2020, January Exhibition “Copying Skills” (НАВЫКИ КОПИРОВАНИЯ) with Mayana Nasybullova, Gallery Garage Studios, Moscow, Russia

2020, October 23 Workshop on the opening of Solo Immersive Exhibition, Espacio De Muertos , Galeria Autonoma, FAD, Mexico City, Mexico 

2020, October 24Workshop The Rope Collective  ZOOM,  

2020, November 1, Workshop The Rope Collective, CA, USA  

2021, April 10, Workshop with Criminal Decente, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

2021, May 8, Workshop with Criminal Decente, Playa Del Carmen, Mexico

2021, September 16, Rope Performance on Moscow Bar Week, Kabinet Bar, Moscow

2021, October 13, Rope Performance “The Web”, Mexico City, Mexico 


2020, 14 June Интервью для проекта “Есть ли жизнь после ИСАА”

2021, 25 October, Interview for Japanese magazine Sputnik News

2021, February, Interview for Sex Education website 

2021, April  Podcast “My letter isn’t Sacred, it’s fucking gold” Episode #41

2022, May 24 Interview for Injection Magazine  

2022, May 15, “Learning The Ropes” talk in a Podcast “Sex Life Unleashed” by Dr. Stephen de Wit


I feel that it’s time to share my approach to shibari with you!I have been discovering shibari for myself for 6 years, constantly learning and developing my own style.

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