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Safety Guide

Download a free safety guide, so your practice flows without any problems. Keep yourself and your models safe!

Shibari safety free pdf download
Free course

Shibari Accelerator

The free course covers a range of topics, including my personal story, the history and cultural significance of shibari, the use of ropes and other materials, and various techniques for binding. This is a perfect course to get to know shibari and see if you want to really get into it.

Shibari accelerator free shibari course
quick course

Shibari Discovery

This course is perfect if you are ready to learn the basics and gain confidence in simplie ties. The course can be done 100% on your own. It covers different ways to use shibari, 8 must-know knots, that you can combine and mix in your practice, tips on how to use it on a partner.

Shibari Discovery self tying course Voudou Ropes
in-depth course

Shibari Mastery

This course takes you from knowing nothing to becoming a shibari artist. 80+videos, 200pages of PDF guides will take you on a real Shibari Journey... The course covers a range of topics, including the history and cultural significance of shibari, the use of ropes and other materials, various techniques for binding and suspending the body in intricate patterns.

Shibari Mastery course by Voudou Ropes

Private Classes

Private classes are the best way to learn shibari. We go through the things you need to know to reach your goal. Sometimes it will be shibari for discovering sensuality, sometimes learning intricate patterns for your photography, maybe you choose to learn meditative side of shibari or just check your previous knowledge and go further with me.

Perfect for couples.

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Group Classes

These classes are perfect to start and meet the community of like-minded people.
Classes are every Wed at 6pm in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.Sometimes place and time changes, so please contact before coming.
Half the class is self-tying and the other half is tying with someone. To join a class please contact by email

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Shibari Class in Mexico
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